A year of poodle skirts, bobby sox, saddle shoes, and ponytails. Cats keep their cigarettes in the sleeves of their t-shirts to be cooool. Not cool, but cool.

Wisherd BridgeThe old timers talk about them - and argue about the number of them: 4 or 5 or 6? Where exactly were they located on the Blackfoot? These questions came up at Tuesday morning coffee and the discussion was off. Summer visitor Bill Demmons spearheaded tracking down of the facts. Here is what he found. As to why they were all painted red? It appears that the Highway Department had an overabundance of red lead oxide paint which was preferred as it lasted longer than regular paint.

New Bonner Milltown History CenterThe Bonner Post Office and Bonner Milltown History Center and Museum have a much appreciated updated look.


A new on-line book by Sam Berry.
This project features Lois Fuller Johnson, Richard Hamma, Chuck Teague, Jack Demmons, and Grant Higgins.
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new life for old houses 2012 08 13 Dornberger on blocks judyThe December, 2013 (PDF) publication of the BMHC recalls memories of former residents of the newly restored Bonner houses and more.

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