the tamarack newsletterChampion International published a series of newsletters about the mill and mill employees. "The Tamarack is a source of communicating information of interest and of educational value to Champion employees and their families." Glenn Max Smith was asked to write articles for the Tamarack as mill historian. Issues with "Early Times at Bonner" articles are listed below. If you have additional issues of the Tamarack, please share. The newsletters give a good insight into the times and employees' activities.

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1990-1992 - Tamarack Index

1990 March - no history article

1991 October - no history article


January - Shay Engine #7

February - Shay Engine Operating Requirements

March - Shay Engines Work Records

April - A Bench Mark for Progress, 1962-1988

May - Old #7 Helps Preserve Montana History

June - Bonner baseball in full swing 1920s

July - A new baseball park, uniforms, and two broken heels

August - The Bonner Highlanders (Baseball Team)

September - The Margaret Hotel

October - They don't build'em like they used to

November - Sawmills, Steam Engines and freshly laundered items

December - no issue available


1993 - Tamarack Index

January no issue available

February - Yard Mules, McGifferts & Slide Asses

March - An old competitor becomes new home for a forest of super trees

April - Predictions from Prophets of Gloom and Doom

May - The Last Log Drive

June - What's in a name

July - Life before Bonner

August - 30 Years and Counting

September no issue available

October - Stow the Rods & Oil the Guns

November no issue available

December no issue available


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