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Bonner Videos

Stories of the Bonner Houses
History Roundtable, March, 2012 Glenn Smith, Lois Fuller Johnson, and Lefty Pleasant recall stories of growing up in Bonner. Members of the audience also share stories, 1:30:53.



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Communities at Play Videos

Sleigh Riding in Bonner, Montana
Glen Max Smith, aka "The Hooligan," recalls sledding adventures on Bonner Mountain using Flexible Flyers, skis, boxes, and Coca Cola signs.


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Mill Videos

Building the Cabin at Marshall Lake
A reminiscence by Lois Fuller Johnson whose father Earl Fuller, a foreman at the Bonner Mill, honored the request of the young men who asked him to wait for them to come back from World War II to finish building his cabin when they enlisted following the attack on Pearl Harbor.


The Spare Man
Dennis Sain and Glenn Max Smith explain the role of the "spare man" at the Bonner, Montana, mill. The spare man would rotate to each job to keep the mill running while each worker took a break.


The Plywood Plant and Bonner Company Town
Bonner History Roundtable 5. "Plywood Plant" and "Bonner Company Town." 2:27:50. Millwright Otis Seal describes the Plywood Plant and Dan Hall, Western Cultural, Inc. talks about the importance of Bonner as a company town.Bonner, Montana


Women Working in the Mill
Bonner History Roundtable 11. "Women Working at the MIll." 1:30:52. Maybelle Bonnet, Lola Mae LeProwse and many others describe the first experiences of women working at the mill in Bonner, Montana.



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Piltzville Videos

Working at the Happy Bungalow in Piltzville, Montana
Jack L. Demmons recalls working at the Happy Bungalow in Piltzville, Montana, and eating french fries for the first time.


A Fire in Piltzville and Learning to Drink Coffee
A reminiscence by Willie Bateman who as a child survived a fire at the family home in Piltzville, Montana, and learned to drink coffee while staying with a neighbor.



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School Videos

Memories of Bonner School
Bonner History Roundtable 18. Kim Briggeman, Judy Thibodeau Karl, Kathy Brigggeman Milodragovich, and Don Felton lead a panel that revisits Bonner School memories. Members of the audience also share stories. 01:53:0.




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