This website was made possible by a grant from the Historical Museum at Fort Missoula and its Preserving Missoula's History grant program. Additional funding was provided by the EPA, through Missoula County, for historic mitigation efforts relating to the Milltown Superfund cleanup.

Much of the material has been drawn from largely two sources: the Museum's 2005 exhibit titled "Just Add Water," and the community history, "A Grass Roots Tribute: The Story of Bonner Montana," produced by the Bonner Public School in 1976. A special thanks goes out to the Bonner School and its ongoing commitment to preserving local history.

Historic photos are taken from the Jack L. Demmons Collection.

The folks who have contributed time or material to this effort include Michael Kustudia, Judy Matson, Minie Smith,  Jack Demmons, Kim Briggeman, Chuck Irestone, John Webb, Joanna Yardley and My-Design, Jan Scher-Lainsbury, Caitlin DeSilvey, and Peter Nielsen.
Bonner Milltown History Center • 9397 Hwy 200 E. • PO Box 726 • Bonner, MT 59823
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