Mullan Chronicles Nov 1 1989 Page 1The Mullan Chronicles were published by the Mineral County Museum and Historical Society from November 1, 1989 through Winter, 2006-2007. Cathryn (Kay) Strombo and Deb Davis served as editors with Kay continuing as editor after Deb moved. The following is the Wecome from Volume One, Number One, November 1, 1989, written by Deb.


Welcome to the first quarterly issue of the Mullan Chronicles newsletter. It is an outgrowth of the Mullan family reception held in Superior at this museum on July 3, 1989. We hope it will serve as a conduit through which Mullan fans like us can communicate. Our goals are to maintain an on-going interest in John Mullan and the Mullan Road; update enthusiasts of new developments and information; contact new enthusiasts; bring the man, the road and their contributions to public attention; further efforts to preserve the road and Mullan statues; and build a resource library for historic research.

This is a tentative project. We plan to try it for one year -- four issues. It costs $5 to subscribe. Let us know what you think of the project, and of any new information you may have found and we will include it in the "Reader's Forum." And take a copy to your local newspaper to spread the news. There might be other Mullanites out there!

Two last things. We still have a few commemorative Mullan special cancellation envelopes left at a special price of $2. Also, we are "mullin" over the idea of having another Mullan get-together next spring. What do you think? Write us... Deb.

Note: The first several issues were printed on long paper so there are double scans to record all of the information. Later issues were printed on standard sized paper.

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