Hooked On Art Unites Community from the Friends of Two Rivers

During the turmoil created by heated discussions on whether the Superfund cleanup should occur and how, it was easy to overlook the advantages of living in this unique place. Renowned artist and local hero Walter Hook helped put things into perspective. Walter was born in Milltown and graduated from Bonner School. He never lost his connection with Bonner-Milltown. Although he died in 1989, the legacy of his creativity, inclusiveness, love of place, and sense of humor provided a guide to coping with the changes occurring in the community.

In 2006 spirits were at a low ebb when, on February 11, the first Hooked on Art celebration brought neighbors together for laughter, good food, and splashes of colorful art highlighted by a panel of old friends, family, and colleagues reminiscing about Walter. Over the years Hooked on Art grew to include art instruction, music, and a great variety of art forms. Videos of artists speaking about their art and Walter Hook's influence were recorded for several of the 12 years of the festival.


Walter Hook Panel, 2006: Richard Bush, George Gogas, Janet Hook Julin, Lela and Rudy Audio


Monte Dolack


Bob Phinney


George Gogas


Bobby Tilton


Louis Archambault


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Donna Thomas


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