originated as a project of the History & Culture Committee of the Milltown Superfund Redevelopment Working Group.

In 2003, the Environmental Protection Agency and Missoula County convened local citizens and river stakeholders under the auspices of the Milltown Reservoir Superfund Redevelop - ment Working Group to look at the future of the Superfund site and neighboring communities after the cleanup and restoration work is finished.

Since its inception, the Working Group has been successful in establishing a community council and in helping Missoula County secure federal and state funding for a trails network and pedestrian bridge in the Milltown area. In 2007, the Working Group led a design workshop and public process that envisions a state park at the confluence of the Clark Fork and Blackfoot Rivers.

History and culture also play an important role in the vision of the Working Group which states: "Formal and informal community gathering places encourage ongoing research and education, and maintenance of local history and culture." The Guiding Principles instruct: "Provide educational opportunities and facilities that allow people of all ages to learn about the history of the area and restoration efforts."

The group's history and heritage committee has established an advisory group and facilitated the digitization of the historic Demmons photo collection. It  has preserved elements of the Milltown Dam powerhouse, including a 19-ton generator, for eventual display and interpretation.  Another related spinoff is the creation of the Bonner History Roundtable. And it has created this virtual interpretive center for housing archival or interpretive information on the history of the Milltown area and the Two Rivers.

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