epa milltown case study

"EPA's Superfund Redevelopment Initiative selected the Milltown Reservoir Sediments Superfund Site for a national case study to highlight the cooperation and collaboration that has gone into turning this Superfund Site into a restored river/flood plain and new Montana State Park. The Milltown project was initially selected as a national SRI highlight and then expanded for a more in-depth case study. As we have often said, it is not every day we have the opportunity to turn a Superfund hazardous waste site into a state park. The restored flood plain and river system will be an asset for generations to enjoy.

Read more about the story in these fact sheets:
Integrating the '3Rs': Remediation, Restoration, and Redevelopment, April 2011 (PDF) (14 pp, 2.3MB)

Second Five-Year Review Report for the Milltown Reservoir / Clark Fork River Superfund Site, September 2016 (PDF) (223 pp; 26.8 MB)

EPA Website:
Superfund Site: Milltown Reservoir Sediments, Milltown, MT


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