Bonner Mill Industrial ParkA welcome Missoulian headline greeted readers on December 16, 2011: "New owners take over Stimson's Bonner millsite."

Signs of a new way of life stirred at the mill property with the announcement that Bonner Property Development LLC owned by Steve Nelson and Mike Boehme had purchased the mill site. The mill was to be subdivided into industrial condominiums. Northwest Paint was already operating at the site and in short order several more business start ups were announced. The same day they signed the closing papers Bonner Property Development LLC announced that Willis Enterprises and Boise Inc. had an agreement start a chipping operation at the site. Willis has since expanded its operationsand consturcted a permanent chipper on land its purchased from Bonner Property Development LLC.

In November, 2012 the Aluminum Co. of Maine Inc. signed a leased to establish a 70,000-square-foot aluminum trailer manufacturing facility inside the plywood building on the site. Other new tenants include Hellgate Forge and MontanaGrow, a startup natural fertilizer company.

In addition to purchasing the mill property, Boehme and Nelson also purchased the Bonner houses on both sides of the highway with the intent of restoring and renting them.

Environmental concerns plagued the millsite and the Stimson Lumber Company was required to clean up significant PCB contamination.

Many new businesses have located at the millsite. In August, 2016, The Missoulian published "Owners of former Stimson mill site give tour of business activity" which included 10 new businesses employing about 250 people. Among the businesses are Northest Factory Finishes, Hellgate Forge, Coaster Pedicab, Montana Data,LLC, Alcom, Willis Enterprizes, Montainer, Montana Grow, Kettlehouse Brewing Company, and Wicked Good Greens.


8/15/16 - Owners of former Stimson mill site give tour of business activity, Missoulian


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