Dennis Sain has acquired a wealth of knowledge of the A.C.M. logging camps and railroads from his years of building roads. He has given talks on the subjects to several groups including the Montana History Group and the Seeley Lake Historical Society. Dennis has also led tours of logging camp and railroad sites. He presented “A.C.M. Logging Camps” at the History Roundtable in March, 2017.

ACM Logging Camps and Railroads is a compilation of Dennis’s research with citations.

Table of Contents

Section 1:

Logging Camp Tour (PDF) April 28, 2012

Section 2:

Big Blackfoot Railroad History (PDF) compiled by Dennis Sain

Section 3:

The Two Macs (PDF)

Logging Railroads of the Anaconda Copper Mining Company in Montana” (PDF) by Philip C. Johnson (reprinted with permission)

Logging Operations – Camas Prairie, Nine Mile, Greenough-Elk Creek, Woodworth-Cottonwood (PDF)

Section 4:

Logging and Railroad Photos from the Montana Memory Project (PDF)


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