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Newsletters of the Bonner Milltown History Center

2015, December (PDF)
     Roundtable schedule and The Bonner Mill Today and Tomorrow Roundtable; "Bonner's Community Gardens," by Glenn (Max) Smith aka "The Hooligan;" Hotel Margaret fixture donated; BMHC news and updated donations.

2014, December (PDF)
     Timberjack showing; Roundtable schedule and Hammond Roundtable; Volunteers' presentations; "An Unforgettable Christmas," by Willie Bateman; "A Tired Old Sled," by Chuck Erickson; Willie Bateman donates rare book to HMFM; Jack Demmons donates research to BMHC; BMHC news,

2013, December (PDF)
     Bonner houses, Roundtable schedule, Mullan Conference, Christmas in Bonner, 4th Grade Field Trip, Photo Book at River City Grill, Life at the Confluence, on-line book.

2012, December
      Photo of Model T, "The Red Rubber Tire" by Glenn Max Smith, aka "The Bonner Hooligan"

2012, January
     Milltown State Park: Our New Park Follows an Old Tradition
     Marshall Skiers' Reunion

2011, December (PDF)
    Painting of "Bonner Alley" by Bob Phinney, Preserving Eggs in Water Glass by Nina Petroff and Willie Bateman

2011, April
     An Historic Milltown House
     Boots - Manly Footwear - Millworkers Choice - or Attitude Adjusters (conclusion)

2011, January
Boots - Manly Footwear - Millworkers Choice - or Attitude Adjusters (part one)

2010, December (PDF)
Photo of Margaret Hotel, History of the Bonner Milltown History Center, Living in a "Chicken Coop," quotes by Lu Waddington